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Once upon a time, there was a shipment of meat that needed to get somewhere fast. The freight brokerage firm that the shippers engaged delivered the goods as promised. However, the meat needed to be kept at precisely [INSERT AMOUNT OF DEGREES] and the reefer had been set one degree below that. The shipment was ruined, and the shippers almost lost a valuable client. Almost, because Freeway Carriers stepped in to accommodate the shipper’s need for a speedy turnaround. We sent a fresh shipment of meat to the client in question and successfully delivered it.

Specialty loads require a certain level of attention to detail and keen sense of conscientiousness. Freeway Carriers thrives on such loads. We are a freight brokerage firm with a broad knowledge of the industry and a particular capacity for handling loads that require nuanced management. We serve the contiguous United States and Canada, our carriers picking up loads from warehouse A and delivering them in a timely manner to warehouse B.

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